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Photo of model, Alexis Elena
Alexis Elena


Photo of model Scott Camaran
Scott Camaran


Photo of Marta Pozzan
Marta Pozzan


Photo of model Kaleen Lopez
Kaleen Lopez
Niguel sitting on chair, looking at the camera
Niguel sitting on a chair and smiling at the camera
Niguel sitting on a chair, looking at the camera


Photographer, Visual Artist
Based in Los Angeles, ca

My love for storytelling reflects through my photography. I believe photographs speak volumes telling their own story as a natural truth. I enjoy capturing these moments in many aspects, expanding on things like diversity, poetic creativity, and genuine instances.

I specialize in portrait, lifestyle, and fashion photography but offer other services from graduation shoots, weddings, and commercial work. Other forms I practice often are travel, street, landscape, film, and architecture. As a visual artist, I strive to create cinematic, conceptual scenarios that incorporate my passion for the arts, mainly focusing on film and working my way to be more active in that industry. I have 6 years of photography experience and 4 years freelancing on my own as of now. I also started a media group with a business partner about a year ago if clients are in need of photo and video work.

You can contact me anytime if you want to get to know me better, have questions about my services, or just want to talk about your photography and film interests. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I’m pretty easy going and as much as I keep things at a professional level, it never hurts to have fun doing what you love.

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services faq

Pricing for 1 on 1 portrait session

$250 for the first hour then $150 per additional hour. 50% non-refundable deposit to secure a session.

Your payment covers the shoot itself, editing time, and final edited photos.

This pricing is for ONE ON ONE portrait sessions only. Prices will change to a fixed hourly rate for groups of 2 or more, brand work, events etc. For all other inquiries please contact me directly. Thank you.

Timing for this session

These sessions typically last about 2 hours, but timing may vary depending on outfit range, multiple locations, scheduling conflicts, etc.

Creating art takes time so I am lenient with the timing process, but I could also be swift to meet deadlines and time crunches.

To make the best of our time together, please don't be shy to be specific about your vision and needs for your session. I will do my best to be accommodating on the matter.

OUtfit range

Flexible on max outfit range, but please try to be reasonable.

photoshoot location

Locations may vary and studio time has additional fees.


Culled Jpegs available only if needed. Provided if asked for with a fee of $100+ depending on amount shot.

No RAWs provided .

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